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Patch Notes - - 16-March-2021

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Posted 07 April 2021 - 05:32 PM

View PostArkhangel, on 07 April 2021 - 04:21 AM, said:

Daed, it's more the fact that if PPCs hadn't been buffed, you'd be whining that something else cored you in one shot. Mostly because you've literally done so repeatedly in the past.

I've seen enough of your posts over the years to know that.

In any cause, instead of whinging about it, given Daeron and PGI actual actionable intel on how it could be helped.

As the saying goes, "Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions."

And FYI, if you choose to pilot a medium or light, you really need to take it for granted you're squishy as hell, regardless of the amount of armor you put on it, or the skills invested, and use the cover on the map and your superior mobility.

And there's always going to be stuff that can vomit ridiculous amounts of damage and core even Assaults in a single Salvo. As anyone who's ever been on the recieving end of a Dual HGauss from a Fafnir or MRM40s on an IV-Four can attest.

Nah, only clan peeps really bother me.. I don't even mind getting one shot with heavy gaus and always give props to the guy that head shots me. Boating heavy gaus comes with many downsides.. but clan peeps, none worth mentioning.

Only other weapons that need some nerfing are ac2/uac2 and atms..

I've given plenty suggestions about reducing ttk.. instead we're going the other way.. feels like this game is cursed to be in a perpetual limbo.. never to be balanced, never to be completed.

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Posted 23 April 2021 - 09:42 AM

So I'm glad most of the changes in this patch got rolled back (I stopped reading around the 250-300 post mark, so no idea what was in the last 500 comments).


Just want to feed back regarding the new trial 'mechs. All-in-all, they work well enough. I feel as though the Trial DWF would be better suited to the stock -B omnipods with the build mirrored left/right from what it is now, but otherwise does dakka very well.
The WHK is working surprisingly well, although of all the old trial builds, that was easily the best one. It's missing the lower arm actuator on the right arm, though.

The Heavies, though..... The Hellbringer just doesn't work without skills, unless your team is stomping and you're along for the ride. Even in that scenario, you can pick up a kill or two, or MAYBE a KMDD if someone's stubbornly poking against you, and only the two of you are involved, but the facetime is ridiculous, the ECM is worthless without skills, and the overall build relies on a single shot about every 10 seconds or so due to the heat generated without skills. A LOT can change in a fight in 10 seconds.
The Orion is severely range-limited, but still does well enough if the pilot can be patient.

The Mediums......
The Stormcrow would function better if it were simply reverted to its stock -Prime loadout. That loadout consists of two ERLL, three ERML, and 22 DHS. TAG is a support weapon as of 2 years ago. Its ONLY function on the user-'mech is to cut through ECM, and that only works as long as you're holding it directly on the target (huge facetime issues). Otherwise, WHAT IS IT WITH THE ARM ACTUATORS?! Give the Stormcrow its hands back!! Geez. Those small lasers are useless without the arm actuator, and the missile/TAG combo is way harder to use than it should be. Also, the TAG is the longest-range direct-fire weapon, and is mounted in the lowest point in the weapon cluster, forcing the 'mech to expose even MORE... If you want a LRM-based trial 'mech, maybe just give them the SCR-D? It's got hand-mounted LRMs and a high-mounted NARC. You just have to pop up high enough to get the NARC on target, and then LRM from cover... A much better proposition for a 'mech without skills. Even better: how about the SCR-I? Two ERLL, two ERML, two LRM 15, two tons of ammo, three extra heat sinks, and an active probe in the head. It runs hot, so watch out, but it's not a straight LRM boat, and that seems to be a plus with a lot of people. I'm still in favor of the straight-up -Prime laser boat, though. Much more practical, and heat-sinked to handle the lack of heat skills.

The Shadow Cat is the Shadow Cat... After playing it a couple times: sucks up close, great if it can stay up high out of sight and out of mind. Could really use Advanced Zoom, though.

The Jenner IIC feels like it could use that little bit of extra engine to get it going 129 kph instead of 122. Just enough to keep up with ACH and most other light 'mechs.

Love the Adder. Miss the flamer, though. :( That's technically fixed equipment, and it's a shame it didn't stay that way. I also think it'd be interesting to show new players what a TCOMP can do for you, but the extra heat sinks definitely help with the lack of skills.

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