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Cicada 3M Build Ideas

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#81 Brizna


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Posted 14 October 2014 - 02:41 PM

I think most CDA-3M players end playind a 2xLL/ERLL + 2ML with a 300XL+, and it's a perfectly rounded mech. Forget the ballistic, I supose you can have fun with a ballistic, but anything larger than a MG is going to make you a slow medium unless you neglect the energy slots, CDA is best at being the largest "light" in the game.

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#82 Eboli


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Posted 10 November 2014 - 07:25 PM

XL330 (147km/hr), 4MLs (with range and cooldown modules), BAP, ECM, 5 additional double heat sinks, Endo and FF, Seismic and Radar Deprivation (option can be Advanced Sensor or Target Information). Could drop engine size a tiny little bit to add extra armour if necessary.

I stick to the heavies and assaults at the beginning to lend ECM support. Once getting into combat the BAP assists with countering ECM enemies. If hanging around the bigger mechs I tend to get ignored where I can use my MLs to good use.

Otherwise I use my speed to go where required whether lending ECM or fire support or chasing down lights. ECM is still very useful even with the BAP changes.


#83 InspectorG


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Posted 11 November 2014 - 07:21 AM

People also forget CDAs have nice hardpoints for peek-a-boo.

Play like a support-chicken-**it Light and you will do well.

Though i prefer the B nowadays for the Wub.

#84 Radagast the Brown


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Posted 10 August 2015 - 09:48 PM

The 3M somehow became my pet / fanboy mech. It's not the best ever, but I believe in it more than most poeple. All of my builds run only a 255 engine (I must have had one lying around), and I have never wished it went faster. At this speed I can spot and avoid trouble, whereas faster mechs tend to get into trouble. It is very good at ducking behind hills. You can swap heatsinks for a larger engine if you want, but I never have. Your biggest risk is having the center torso shot out while staring at enemies, amazingly shielding with your sides can greatly prolong your life, even with tiny arms with no armor. Here are my favorite three builds:

3 LLasers
I don't get why some mechs are highly regarded with three large lasers and some are not, but this one is nice. ECM replaces the serious quirks of other mechs and it can do a lot of shooting with those heatsinks. It is very good at holding ground and flanks, or slicing them up. I've scored as high as 975 damage and 5 kills in this, and over 750 damage in PUG CW. Of course average is about a third of those numbers.

3 ERLLasers
Obviously after seeing the last build. Since nothing in the weight class has ERLL specific quirks, this might be the best sub-50ton IS mech from 700m to the limits of enemy radar, where ECM becomes pointless. Amazing on Alpine Peaks.

2 MLasers and 2 LPLasers
It is hot, but this is the best choice if you only want to shoot under 400m. The medium laser quirks, with ML range and LPL cooldown modules, almost make the two lasers types behave as the same laser type, effectively making it 3 LPL.

And obviously we need my Stealth Gauss Cicada. ML and gauss ammo can be swapped as desired.

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