2013 March Creative Director Update

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March is here, and with it a host of new features for MechWarrior Online.  Our focus this month is improving the new user experience by adding a suite of tips, better details, testing grounds, and user friendly control options.  Experienced MechWarriors will also be able to enjoy content designed specifically for them, including a brand new system of consumables, expanded statistics, and a new map!

New Content:

  • `Mech of the Month – JagerMech (19th)
  • Hero `Mech of the Month – The X-5 (5th)
  • New Patterns – Mountain Line (5th) and Vagabond (19th)
  • New Cockpit Items – Dynamic hanging items make their debut, Fuzzy Dice anyone? (5th and 19th)

Testing Grounds

This offline game mode allows player to launch into a random map and test out there currently selected BattleMechs.  Each Testing Grounds match has 8 non-interactive `Mech targets for players to shoot and test damage, heat, movement and other strategies.  This is just the beginning of a large set of training options for new and experienced players coming online in the next few months.


An extension to the module system is being introduced on March 19th.  Players will now be able to equip a variety of consumable module items.   Upon release players will have access to Coolant Flush, Air Strikes, and Artillery Strikes.  These new items will be available for C-Bill and MC purchase.  Details will be forthcoming in an upcoming Command Chair post here www.mwomercs.com/forums/forum/102-command-chair/.

Tourmaline Desert

One of MechWarrior Online’s largest map yet!  This hostile alien world will test the skills of the best MechWarrior pilots.  Like Alpine Peaks, players will need to change their overall strategies, focusing on offense and defense, along with bringing in a balanced BattleMech build.

Expanded User Statistics

Players will now be able to see a much more robust set of player stats when visiting their personal www.mwomercs.com/profile/stats page.  Detailed information about Mechs, Weapons, Maps, and Modes will give players a deeper understanding of how well they are doing.  For now, these stats are only viewable by individual players.  In future updates players will be able to see other player’s stats and leaderboards.

New User Controls and Joystick Improvements

Players will now have more options with regards to how they pilot their BattleMechs.  Several new control systems and improvement have been added including Throttle Decay (gas pedal vs set throttle), Arm Lock to torso, Set Point Throttle (10-100% throttle values in 10% increments), Face Torso, and Joystick Analog turning.  Player will also be able to customize their key bindings via the Pause Menu during matches.

MechLab UI Improvements

Further refinements to buying and selling `Mechs, readying `Mechs, and a visualization of hardpoints, weapons, and critical space directly on the `Mech itself, will make their appearance March 5th.  These additions make a huge improvement to understanding the state of your BattleMech, along with helping understand the differences between variants when making a purchasing decision.

Community Events

After a hugely successful Be A Hero Challenge weekend, we’ve decided to add more events to our March schedule.  Expect to see a variety of different challenges inspired by the community’s feedback!  Also coming in March, Design a Trial Mech challenge.  Players will be able to design a Heavy Trial Mech build based off one of the existing heavy `Mech chassis.  The wining loadout, will be made available for uses as a Trial Mech throughout the month of April.


On March 5th Host State Rewind (HSR) goes live.  This new system allows players with high latency pings to fire and hit more reliably using Lasers, Machine Guns, and Flamers.  Often referred to as the lag shield effect, HSR will significantly improve the reliability and accuracy of weapon hit detection, making certain BattleMechs much easier to hit.  We anticipate overall damage will increase, resulting in some possible upcoming weapon balancing changes if needed.


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