Skill Tree PTS Updated

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Mar 4, 2017 12:15 AM UTC
Greetings MechWarriors,

The Skill Tree PTS has just been updated with the following fixes and changes:

Deceleration Fix
The Engine and Mobility desync has primarily focused toward the tuning of present values based on existing 'Engine-to-Tonnage' ratios. While nearly all of these values transferred over through the Mobility changes, Deceleration wasn't hitting the mark we had intended as a result of the changes. This impacted lighter 'Mechs to a significant degree in particular. In this update we've performed additional tuning to the scaling nature of Deceleration to address this.
All 'Mechs should feel the impact of this improvement to the implementation of Deceleration, but as Decel scales with other Mobility attributes the impact will differ according to tonnage. Assault 'Mechs will feel the impact of this change the least, while lighter 'Mechs will feel it the most.

Mobility Scaling for 20-40 ton 'Mechs
While the above Deceleration fix will address a major bug in the way we intended 'Mechs to handle, after additional testing we felt that the mobility of lighter 'Mechs didn't scale well against heavier 'Mechs. As a result of this we've taken a second look at 'Mechs within the 20-40 ton range, along with a handful of heavier 'Mechs which have tended to operate with higher Mobility values. These 'Mechs have now been provided with greater Mobility compared to their state in the previous PTS update.

It should be noted however that even with the Mobility improvements issued for certain 'Mechs in this update, their base Mobility will not match the values currently seen on the live servers. The same caveat applies for all other 'Mechs when it comes to comparing their new baseline Mobility stats to the current stats on the live servers.
It's our intention for these new Mobility attributes to play into the presence of the new Skill Tree and to account for Mobility in general being brought closer to a middle-ground across the full lineup of available 'Mechs.

Consumables and Auxiliary Branch
• C-Bill Consumable prices are back to 40,000 C-Bills (down from 60,000)
 Enhanced Coolshot 1 boost reduced to 25% (down from 50%)
 Enhanced Coolshot 2 boost reduced to 25% (down from 50%)
 Total Bonus gained from Enhanced Coolshot will now be 50% (down from 100%)

The ability to boost Coolshot efficiency by 100% proved a bit too potent with the addition of multiple Coolshot equips. While we've halved the attainable benefit, Coolshot will still be an effective item.

Weapons Branch
 Velocity boost changed to 2% per Node (down from 4%)

While the previous, per-weapon Velocity settings were what we considered to be 'on the edge' when it came to tuning in the first PTS iteration, the latest PTS batched all Velocity Nodes into a universal system covering all Ballistic, Missile, and PPC weaponry. In light of that universal approach we felt the 4% boost per-Node was too great, and we've reduced it in this update.

Survival Branch
 Skeletal Density reduced by 50% per Node (final value dependent on tonnage)
• Armor Hardening reduced by 50% per Node (final value dependent on tonnage)

The Survival Branch is proving a bit too potent relative to the point investment. We've brought the values for Skeletal Density and Armor Hardening down a bit to bring the branch more in line with alternative options.

'Mech Stats UI
 Fixed an issue where the Strategic Strike entry was truncated in the 'Mech Stats Enhancements list.
 The performance graph will now scale according to the maximum value of the current 'Mech.

 Resolved data entry issues related to Mobility attributes for a number of 'Mechs. Remaining issues of a similar nature may still be present however. If you catch any such issues in this update please don't hesitate to call it out.
 Fixed an issue where players could receive Error Code 73 when trying to respec back to 91 SP after refunding SP in the same transaction.
 Minor UI and loc fixes.