Necessary Roughness Event

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Apr 20, 2017 11:00 PM UTC 720  comments


Hello all!

I want to say sorry for the frustration this event caused everyone. It was not my intention at all.

We very briefly extended the event to adjust the "All Done" Challenge to only require 7 of 9 challenges complete.
This change allowed players to get the Mech Bay without having to complete the dreaded "Failed Delivery" or "Necessary Roughness" Challenges.
The "extension" was to give the script the chance to run one final time. and the Mechbays were injected.

However, that is not all we are doing.

As a Consolation Prize anyone who completed 1 Match of Incursion with a minimum Match Score of at least 80 (during the Event) will receive the following rewards as our way of saying sorry for the frustration caused by this event.

Consolation Prize - 
  • Anyone who completed 1 Match of Incursion with a minimum Match Score of at least 80 during the event will receive 250,000 C-Bills, 200 MC, and 2 days of Active Premium Time (activates on your next log in).
That covers 99.5 % of the people who played this weekend!

In the interest of transparency...
Here are some additional Completion Stats
  • First Foray 86.3243%
  • I've Got The Power 28.1888%
  • Powered Up 26.2549%
  • Rock'em 67.9991%
  • Sock'em 60.2637 %
  • Delivery Failed 22.1744%
  • All Your Base 26.0837%
  • Raid Complete 55.9565 %
  • Necessary Roughness 57.6313%
  • All Done 25.3528% (before we changed the requirements)

Lesson Learned:
  1. I based the Actions in the Challenge off 1 days worth of stats from the new Game Mode. More Data would clearly have been preferable.
  2. We needed a way to increase the frequency of a particular Game Mode as a voting option. Currently, we can only adjust Map weighting. However, Mode weighting functionality should arrive with our May patch, so in future mode-related events we won't have this particular issue again. 

We hope everyone enjoys the Consolation Prize as things return to normal in the Quick Play Queue.
Our next event will target Faction play.... 
Rally your Units and Lock in your contracts...


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