Hot-Fix Scheduled for 27-JUL-2017

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Jul 27, 2017 7:00 PM UTC 53  comments
Greetings MechWarriors,

We will be rolling out a hot-fix, currently scheduled for Thursday, July 27th at 3:00 PM PDT (10 PM UTC), to address the following fixes:

Annihilator: Fixed an issue where the Annihilator would fail to launch all of its equipped Rockets.

Bitchin' Betty: Fixed an issue where MRM and ATM Ammo cues were referring to SRMs and LRMs, respectively. Betty will now simply refer to generic 'Ammo' when these two ammo types hit depletion intervals or are destroyed.

Competitive Mode: Fixed an issue where the Leaderboard panel could progressively decrease in size.

Cougar COU-H: Fixed an issue where equipping the COU-H OmniPods onto any other Cougar variant could cause the screen to shake violently when activating Jump Jets.

Faction Play: Fixed an issue where the pre-match screen for uncontested drops would show incorrect Map and Mode information.

Floating Chat: Fixed an issue where switching chat tabs would cause any uncommitted text within another tab to disappear from its entry field.
Floating Chat: Fixed an issue where receiving a new message from another player would cause your uncommitted text to disappear from the entry field.
Floating Chat: Fixed an issue where accessing a chat tab would always start you at the top of the chat history.

Friends List: Fixed an issue where double-clicking a Pilot name in the friends list could resend all previous chat messages from them.

Mad Cat MCII-1 [S]: Fixed an issue where the 'Mech was behaving as if it had Lower Arm Actuators equipped.

Nova Cat & Steel Viper: Fixed an issue where the associated Faction icons were not appearing in the scoreboard, pre-round, and end of round screens.

Objective Capture: Fixed an issue where firing upon an Enemy 'Mech would sometimes not interrupt its capture progress.

PPCs: Fixed an issue where Light, Heavy, and Snub-nose PPCs were not benefiting from global PPC Quirks.

Skill Tree: Fixed an issue where the + button would be grayed out when first accessing the SP Allocation screen.

Stealth Armor

 Fixed an issue where the Stealth Armor HUD icon was not appearing when active.
 Fixed an issue where 'Mechs with active Stealth Armor could be targeted by Turrets.
 Fixed an issue where UAV, Counter ECM, Beagle Active Probe, and Clan Active Probe could ignore effects of active enemy Stealth Armor. A table has been provided below conveying the impact of equipment on active enemy Stealth Armor.


Disables Stealth Armor

Counter ECM












 Fixed an issue where 'Mechs with active Stealth Armor could could still capture gameplay objectives. As of this hot-fix 'Mechs with active Stealth Armor will be unable to interact with the following objects:

Assault base
Conquest capture points
Domination beacon
Escort ECM towers
Scouting Intel beacons
Incursion Generators and Towers

Disabling Stealth Armor will immediately begin the capture process if other conditions don't prevent it, such as enemies also being in capture radius or when taking damage.
Also as of this hot-fix, a new 'No Cap: Stealth' icon will appear in your HUD if your Stealth Armor is active and you are within the capture radius of Assault bases, Conquest points, the Domination beacon, and ECM Towers. 
For now, this HUD icon will not appear for Scouting Intel beacons and Incursion objects; these items will begin triggering the HUD indicator in our August patch.


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