by Tina Benoit in [ Announcements ] on, Sep 19, 2018 6:52 PM UTC 31  comments
Greetings MechWarriors,

A Hot-Fix is scheduled to occur today, September 19th at 2:00PM PST (21:00 UTC), to address the following fixes:

  • Micro Laser Heat Scale warning message no longer contains debug text.
  • Escort game mode bug has been resolved and is now re-enabled.
  • The Incubus INC-5 'Mech now has the correct amount of 1 missile hardpoint on the right arm component instead of 2.
  • The Piranha Cipher PIR-CI 'Mech is now properly displayed in Select 'Mech screen if owned.
  • The Vulcan Bloodlust VL-BL 'Mech's in-game name is now properly displayed as Bloodlust instead of VL-BL.
Patch Size: 8 MB


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