[UPDATE] Player-Run MWO Comp Championship Series (MWOCS)

by Tina Benoit in [ Announcements ] on, Sep 16, 2019 11:15 PM UTC 15  comments
A message from the MWO Comp community:

This year’s MWO Comp Championship Series continues to progress, with the EU and NA Invitational matches determining which teams bypass the comp queue entirely, and progress directly through to the semi finals.

The EU Invitational saw 6 teams face off, with EON Synergy, 1st Jaguar Guards, and Russian Jade Falcon progressing to the semi finals.

The NA matches saw a total of 8 teams take part, with Empyreal, 228 Black Watch, Majestic 12, and Smoke Adders 373 progress.

Congratulations to these teams for progressing, and for showcasing some fantastic matches for the community to watch.

Copies of these matches are available to watch both on Twitch and YouTube at:

What next?

The comp queue is alive and well, and as has been previously posted is open 2 days a week (Thursdays and Saturdays) until 22 October 2019. PGI have generously provided rewards for teams that take part, further details of which can be found in a previous announcement post. 

The above teams will take place in playoff matches to determine the exact order of seeding before the comp queue closes. Keep an eye out for these matches being streamed live on the MWO Comp main twitch channel. 

The MWO comp admin team would also like to extend their thanks to community streamers who have taken the time to form teams to take part in the comp queue. We’ve certainly enjoyed seeing quite a few players who haven’t taken part in organised competitive play take part in the queue, and have fun doing so against other like minded teams!

For players who have yet to sign up, you have until 22 October to form a team (or join one) and fit 20 matches in the queue in.
On the 23 October the 11 top ranked teams in the comp queue will progress to the semi finals (with any teams that have already progressed via invitationals removed from the comp queue leaderboard).

Be sure to join us over on discord where the latest news, updates about the competition, and details for players and teams looking to group up with other like minded MechWarriors can be found!


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