MechWarrior Online Legends 2024 Q1 Intel

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Jan 16, 2024 11:00 PM UTC 170  comments

MechWarrior Online Legends 2024 Q1 Intel

Greetings MechWarrior! 

Welcome to the 2024 Q1 Intel Update! We wanted to take this time to fill you in on what we are working on and planning for MechWarrior Online Legends for January, February, and March Patches as well as other general MechWarrior-related updates.


January Free Mech Event:
The January Free Mech(s) event has been posted and has 2 Jenner Mechs and a lowered Match score requirement its a short event so get out there and get your free mechs!

Upcoming January Legends:
The Victor "Li Dok To" Legendary Mech

The Executioner "Sovereign" Legendary Mech

Look for more details in the Patch Notes this Friday!

January Patch will be the 23rd and the full patch notes will be up this Friday.
There will also be the usual weapon and equipment changes coming in this patch thanks to the Cauldron!


February Free Mech Event:
We'd Like to hear some Ideas from the community for the February Free Mech! Post your requests in this thread!

Upcoming February Legends:
The Warhawk "Kasai" Legendary Mech has an amazing paint job
and the Black Knight "Red Reaper II" will feature the first heavy shield!

WIP of the "Red Reaper II"

The February Patch will be Feb 20th and Patch Notes will be posted the Friday before.


March Free Mech Event:
The Traditional Lucky Charms Event will happen in March and We will Bring back Hero Mech Pick a Prive for Lucky Charms!

Upcoming March Weapons:
I am excited to reveal we have some new weapons that are currently in development!

Inner Sphere weapons:
    - Light AC/2 and AC/5: A modified version of the Autocannon that sacrifices cooldown and range for a lighter weight.
    - Silver Bullet Gauss Rifle: A modified gauss rifle that fires its shells in a spread pattern with a rapid cooldown.
    - Magshot Gauss Rifle: A much smaller gauss rifle designed for targeting smaller opponents.
    - Thunderbolt Missile 5, 10, 15, 20: A medium range, lock on, high payload missile system.

Clan weapons:
    - Proto AC/2, AC4, and AC/8: Similar to IS LACs, a modified Autocannon with increased weight savings, longer cooldown, and shorter range.
    - AP Gauss Rifle: A much smaller gauss rifle designed for targeting smaller opponents.
    - Beam Laser: A variation of the X-Pulse laser, this large class laser gives a continuous beam output.
    - Plasma Cannon: A lighter version of the Clan ERPPC, this weapon deals a slight amount of heat damage along with regular damage.

Keep in mind these weapons still have to be balanced and tested but we are excited to bring more variety to spice up your loadouts! 

The March Patch will be March 19th and Patch Notes will be posted the Friday before.

And in other MechWarrior News!
We will be announcing the title and content for DLC 6 for MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries.
This will be revealed (hopefully) before the end of January or Early February.
so get ready to wishlist MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries DLC 6 when that announcement is up!
We have more information coming on the Development of MechWarrior 5 Clans in February.

We look forward to your feedback.
The MechWarrior Dev Team!


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