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Mechwarrior Online 2021: Mechs

2021 mechs

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#661 RoyKilroy


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Posted 26 July 2022 - 01:01 PM

I would like for the current mechs that are less frequently used now to be updated or revised to make them more desirable to use. I think there are some mechs that players don't use them because they are difficult to use effectively. It could be quirks, hard point arrangement or hit boxes.

#662 Lionheart2012


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Posted 19 November 2022 - 09:28 PM

The Civil War addition missed a couple of weapon systems that would have given the Inner Sphere some advantageous options, the light autocannons. These could be added with little disruption to the game, using AC/2 and AC/5 ammunition respectively, and using the same visual assets as their standard counterparts. Just less weight for each and a 2crit profile for the light AC/5. Their optimal ranges could be set at 500m for the Light AC/5 and 560m for the Light AC/2, with their maximum ranges at twice their respective optimal ranges. Hence, they would pair nicely with PPCs and Large Lasers.

Further, this would make the Mauler 1K an available variant in the game, which I am sure snake fans, um, the Dragon, would appreciate. Posted Image

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#663 Lionheart2012


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Posted 21 November 2022 - 10:36 AM

View Postmartian, on 19 November 2022 - 10:24 PM, said:

The problem is that Light PPC has made Light AC-5 effectively obsolete.

Light PPC:
  • it is significantly lighter
  • it offers better range
  • it does more damage
  • it needs no ammo (i.e. additional tonnage)
  • it can not run out of ammo
  • it has no ammo that could be critted
On many light, medium and faster heavy 'Mechs it is easier to find 6-9 tons for 2-3 Light PPCs than 10-15 tons (plus 2-3 tons of ammo) for 2-3 Light AC-5s.

And I guess that slow heavies and assaults would go either with standard AC-5s or with any other heavy energy or ballistic weapon.

Light PPCs, may have a comparable weapon profile, but how many heat sinks do you need to stay cool? Larger mechs with the tonnage to spare and easily heat capped by multiple energy weapons may opt for a cooler, ballistic alternative. Additionally, mechs with more ballistics than energy weapons can't boat the Light PPC. Consider the application to the following mechs:
  • CHP-1NB - 4xLAC/2 4xERML LFE280
  • CHP-1NB - 4xLAC/5 4xERML LFE255
  • JM6-DD - 6xLAC/2
  • MAD-3R - 3xLAC/5 2xLL 2xERML
  • RFL-3C - 4xLAC/5 2xERML
  • RFL-LK - 4xLAC/5 2xERML
  • RGH-BLT - 4xLAC/5 2xLPPC
  • WHM-BW - 4xLAC/5 2xLPPC
  • ANH-2A - 6xLAC/5 2xPPC
  • COR-5T - 6xLAC/2 2xLL 2xERML
  • KGC-000 - 6xLAC/5 1xHPPC
  • MAL-MX90 - 6xLAC/2 2xLPPC

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#664 Idisvali


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Posted 29 November 2022 - 04:10 PM

IMHO, Clan mech's should be made less dense (i.e. larger for a given tonnage) in order to make them a bit easier to hit - and give room in terms of game-balance to further enhance clan weapons... bringing them more in line with lore.

Also... Inner-sphere Omnis? That is what I'd be excited about.

#665 Desert Flea


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Posted 29 November 2022 - 05:21 PM

Seconded for Inner Sphere Omnis!

Ones I'd like to see:

- Arctic Fox (IS Kit Fox)
- Owens (Jenner Omni Upgrade)
- Strider (Cicada Omni Upgrade)
- Black Hawk KU (IS Nova)
- Avatar (IS Mad Dog)
- Rakshasa (IS Timber Wolf)
- Sunder (IS Hellbringer/Summoner)
- Hauptmann (IS Dire Wolf)
- Templar (popular MW4 mech)

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