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Matt And Daeron On Ngng Podcast

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Posted 20 August 2022 - 07:20 AM

View PostWibbledtodeath, on 18 August 2022 - 03:52 AM, said:

* I do however feel the voting thing just causes repetitive maps and modes to come up and wastes time between drops. I would remove it and have a set rotation for QP. It is more an illusion of choice than real choice anyway.
This would allow maps like old polar to be rotated in but without the specific game modes that don't work (e.g. domination), similar with other poor map game mode combo's (e.g. canyon and assault). Some maps where escort worked could be put back in with this game mode (I actually really enjoyed it on certain maps).
-basically removing voting increases game variety and can also enable poor game mode/map combo's to be removed or reduced in frequency. It also enables new maps to be added that don't need to qualify for every game mode.

I am also not satisfied with map the selection mechanisam. Mostly I do not even use it, bc its not fun.

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Posted 20 August 2022 - 07:23 AM

I totally forgot about one point. I start getting bothered by Sean bringing up the group thing.

Especially because his perception is totally Tier 1 based. The biggest problem I have in tiere 3 with groups is the underperforming groups. Never the less I pretty sure groups up to 4 man are a big win for the game. To suggest a test month w/o groups is the worst I have heard since a long time....

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Posted 20 August 2022 - 11:34 AM

Sean keep saying, "I think this is a tier 1 problem", this is coming from a person in T1 (Sean) who plays with groups pretty much all the time. It's not tier specific. I think MM takes a T1/2 team for a game and then cannot find enough to match and fills with lower tier. Everyone who dismisses this is usually a T1 player who does 4-mans.

Matchmaker appears to be taking higher team 12 mans, usually with 4 man groups and putting them against lower tier teams as cannon fodder, hence why you get rolls. I can get 3 days of continues rolls, then 1 day of balanced gameplay.

I have watched solo streamers get 3 wins in 7 hours of gaming with an obvious disparity between the teams playing. Many of us solo players are getting kicked around because of this obvious imbalance. It also reduced c-bills, positive match score and so on as games are done in 3 mins.

Group play was amazing when I used to play as you could go head to head against the top players, learn from loss and sometimes actually win. The thrill was also much better than quickplay, as the stakes were much higher.
  • It's simple if you are leaving 4 mans in quick play, do not put them in a game until another 4 man is on opposite and the tiers are somewhat matched on each side for solo.
  • If the matchmaker cannot do that remove 4-mans from quick play and allow seperate group play of 3x 4-mans, 2x 6's 12v12 etc.
  • Whatever just pair groups up who will use coms and to go head to head in a group queue.
  • Allow 2-mans in quick play and let them sync drop like old times.
  • If the comp players won't play after removing the cannon fodder, then let them go, why should casual solo players have to suffer over and over at the hands of groups

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Posted 20 August 2022 - 09:29 PM

View PostBuenaventura, on 20 August 2022 - 02:46 AM, said:

TT mechs have pretty severe engine restrictions.
Since moving and turning (and jumping) is counted in hexes and you can't do anything with a partial hex of movement left, engine rating has to be mech tonnage times desired walking speed. Not a bit more to fit another engine heat sink f.e. or a bit less to save 3t for literally the same speed (going from XL400 to XL395 is a hardly noticeable speed drop in MWO, wouldn't be possible in TT).
You probably meant they don't have a max engine rating, which is correct.

Cool, so tabletop mechs can equip any engine for which they have tonnage.

I guess we need that here we're being legit.

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Posted 20 August 2022 - 11:35 PM

Unfortunately the 23-Aug-2022 Patch Notes did not mention any bug fix for the (pink) Virtic Station bug as encountered by some AMD users.

View PostVoice of Kerensky, on 19 August 2022 - 06:13 PM, said:

I'm sorry, maybe this was said in a conversation, but the language barrier prevents me from understanding: was it said when exactly the Pink Station would be corrected?

View Postw0qj, on 19 August 2022 - 07:50 PM, said:

Pink Virtic Station fix *hopefully* upcoming in next patch on/about 23-Aug-2022.



MrVaad: "In short, It's two missing cubemap textures. I've tested the fix with AMD/NVIDIA users. François [before he left MWO/PGI] regenerated the missing textures on his side so it should be in the next patch."

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Posted 21 August 2022 - 07:58 AM

View PostKnownswift, on 20 August 2022 - 09:29 PM, said:

Cool, so tabletop mechs can equip any engine for which they have tonnage.

I guess we need that here we're being legit.

"Yes, but", it was an EXTREMELY complex and expensive procedure, which required many months or years at a refit yard, and wasn't something you could simply "hot swap" in the back of a dropship. You could replace a damaged engine with one of equal size and power in the back of a dropship, but changing its power rating required complex overhaul facilities.

Kinda like changing the engine on an F-15 from GE to P&W: It can be done, but it's an entire Depot overhaul process, not a flight line repair.

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Posted 21 August 2022 - 05:17 PM

Groups in the QQ are absolutely an issue. I tire of seeing people who barely play 3 games PER DAY on average say it is not.

Some of the people who are Tier 1 today and having acquired it some patches ago or before the player base hit rock bottom would not remain in Tier 1 if they played 10-20 matches a day instead of 1-3. Then they would see the issue at T2 and below more clearly.

Most of their averages would drop like a rock and settle in in mid Tier 2 at best.

Until the Group matching in QQ is actually balanced based on mech weight and/or PSR then it's just foolish to say there is nothing broken. You want to play the "best of the best" in QQ then everyone should be solo in QQ. You want to play the "best of the best" so you can learn from them group vs group? Great, go FW or reactivate Group Q (can't tho because the pop is so low, hence the QQ..right?)

I bet out of the barely 30k current players (and that is not a daily figure) maybe 100 actually truly believe the QQ is OK with 4 man's whose average score is 300+ being matched against people who can barely hit a 200 average...the other 29,900 do not.

When a 4 man lance of lights whose average score is 300+ savages the 1-2 Assaults left behind by the Red team in the first 60 seconds of match because the Red team's 4 man average score was 200 then that's a huge skill disparity that is also exploiting what was just admitted in this video about broken spawn points after years.

Coming back to this game after playing World of Tanks for years daily in groups and solo, I see the exact same mistake that is driving the WoT community nuts. Skill disparity between solo and groups because the MM doesn't take skill into account for matching either solos OR groups.

At a certain point should people group up to get better as a player and do well as a group, sure...just not in the QQ.

Saying that people are blaming groups because of their poor skill is both correct and wrong at the same time. I don't care how good a solo player you are. You will not last against a 4 man who has targeted you on their private comms because the actual ingame comms become so chaotic or people don't even talk in QQ in most matches.

The real problem is that there are so many underlying problems with various game mechanics they exacerbate the group issue in QQ as it. There really is no easy fix it seems because the reality is that the player base is so fragile right now for a 10 year F2P title that almost anything changed to drastically or not enough will just continue to drive the numbers down.

For as much as Sean kept saying that changing the PSR would not affect anything because of the current player base size instead of groups in QQ I believe there are some things that can be changed in PSR.

Rewarding players so heavily because they sit back and farm 600+ dmg while using the rest of the team as a meat shield is just insulting to people who actually close in with the enemy and brawl, block and force the battle to a resolution.

Perhaps the PSR damage reward numbers need to be tweak based on the amount of damage combined with the distance the damage was done. The more damage done at a closer range the more reward. At least in the QQ battles...

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Posted 22 August 2022 - 09:05 AM

I think that the MM needs to be a primary concern for PGI. I'm seeing a lot of complaints by T1 players about not having competitive matches. I am a T5 player and am trying to learn how to effectively play matches, but this is extremely difficult when the matches are so unbalanced that they are over in 3 minutes with an outcome of 12-0. I want to improve and move up in tier rating, but I don't see how as long as the wildly unbalanced matches continue.

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Posted 23 August 2022 - 07:13 PM

Would love to play incursion more. Until it becomes rush, please leave it in the rotation.

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