Ask The Devs 9 - Answers!

by InnerSphereNews in [ Developer Blogs ] on, Jul 9, 2012 10:00 AM UTC 65  comments

Q: Are you going to handle the destruction of the mech like in TT (simply fall down, or random explosion of all ammo inside), or the Stackpole way (random nuke)? [Adridos]

A: The former, not the latter. We have no plans for nuclear-explosion deaths at this time. [GARTH]


Q: Most rocks and such in the screenshots and intros (not reboot) all appear to be big enough to hide completely behind. Will there also be ridgelines and boulders that will also allow partial cover (protect lower half and allow firing above)? [Nairdowell]

A: There are instances of this, yes. It often depends on the 'Mech, as those with higher weapons can fire over more obstacles, but those with higher 'heads' can see above them sooner. So, yes there are places you can hide your bottom half when firing. [GARTH]


Q: Will there ever be urban maps that look realistic compared to how big cities are in real life? [Spleenslitta]

A: Absolutely, the Frozen City map is not officially an 'urban' map to us. There will be urban maps coming up. [GARTH]


Q: Storms have been described on the new frozen city map in recent videos / posts - are there other weather options planned as well? Day vs night, rain (or snow) vs clear skies, etc? How much variation can we expect to see with a limited number of maps? [WardenWolf]

A: We plan to have day and night maps, snow, rain, thunder, lightning, all the good stuff at some point. I can't give you an ETA though, sadly. [GARTH]


Q: Will there be colorblind support on release, meaning are there alternate colorblind-friendly color-shemes for the damage-overlay UI, or can those colors be customized anyway? If not, will this be implemented later on? [Feindfeuer]

A: We're currently doing our best to use colours and tones that do not cause issue - however, some will come up regardless, and we are testing various ways to deal with these. Be assured that this is extremely high on my list of priorities. [GARTH]


Q: Could you explain how pulse lasers are/will be implemented in MW:O? Is there going to be a real difference from standard lasers or are they simply going to have a little more damage per tick then standards, and is there/will there be a visual difference between the two? [Aldinvor]

A: Currently Pulse Lasers do slightly more damage, create more heat, and do damage faster. They are best used to put a lot of damage on target fast, but are less useful in extended fights. They are particularly good at picking apart Light 'Mechs. [GARTH]


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