Weekly Review - Nov. 16th

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Weekly Review – Nov 16th

Firstly we had Monday as a national holiday over here, but I popped on Sunday to make sure we had a Remembrance Day post. Tuesday I added the 24th Ask The Devs answers. Then on Wednesday I linked up to the Mechs Devs and Beer #2 podcast, featuring our very own Russ – it created quite a stir too. Following that on Thursday we released the 25th Weekly Screenshot of our upcoming Mech, the Cataphract. We also saw the addition of the Violent Combat Robot Show to our podcast list, as well as the new Run Hot Or Die podcast, linked to here.

Big patch coming on the 20th too, who’s ready?

Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you all have a great weekend!

The MechWarrior Online Team


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