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Most Wanted Features!

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#21 lpmagic


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:01 AM

"strip all modules" needs to be a thing, I have no problem putting them on every time, heck, I check every time, so putting them on is not problem, but remembering where they are? with as many mechs as most people have (no offense to those that have few) it can take me upwards of 20 minutes or more to track down modules, nothing makes me want to log out more then 20 minutes of searching for a module followed by 5-10 minute search time, followed by 7 minutes of game play....

Edit: please "like" this post here : http://mwomercs.com/...l-module-strip/
If you want this to gain momentum :)

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#22 Ryoken


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:13 AM

Over 90% of your paying customers are wishing for camo pattern support for C-Bill bonus mechs for years:

Seems we were allready heared:

I can not put enough emphasis on the importance that options to individualize and customize our mechs has to a f2p title like MWO - exspecially on premium mechs with c-bill bonuses that can be purchased for money the absence of full camo pattern and color support does hurt.

So with what Russ tweeted I think full camo support on C-Bill bonus mechs should be here ASAP! The majority of paying players would love to get rid of those forced on "race car" patterns! :)

#23 Kjudoon


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:33 AM

My sig line says it all. I lurk in hopes these fundamental changes take place so I can enjoy the game that I really do love but infuriates me so because the play is geared to satisfying only wannabe esport pros. I want to play and have a reason to spend money again.

Changes required for my return to MWO is PvE or the following:

3 Rearm and Repair with battlefield salvage and a dynamic economy based on supply and demand.

2 CW full scale logistics, making units in-game assets and community moderation either by the community or moderators

1 Cone of fire or dynamic convergence for all DF weapons

And as a bonus, a persistant explorative universe.

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#24 uebersoldat


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:40 AM

FLUFF! More time needs to be spent fleshing this game out.

- First person walkable 'mech lab
- Salvage that means something to me
- Lore in game!
- Cockpits that work
- Player-run economy
- Ejecting from 'mech, running around the battlefield watching the fray
- Tutorial with AI instructor
- Cockpit self-hologram for new player orientation
- all the things

#25 Smokeyhavoc


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:41 AM

Hill climb, improved gyros, shock absorbance, speed retention should all be master level skills, not modules, it will make the skill leveling beyond speed tweak mean some thing other than the extra module slot

#26 Khobai


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:45 AM

1) sensor warfare overhaul (ecm/passive sensors/lrms, etc...)
2) less punitive jumpjets and hillclimbing for assault mechs
3) team status overlay to see friendly damage/loadouts (see below)
4) ammo features: ammo types and ammo swapping, ammo ejection, more of a reason to use CASE, etc...
5) command features: allow commander to designate focus fire targets, etc...
6) new timeline-appropriate (3052-3054) weapons and equipment (MRMs, ATMs, LFEs, etc...)


target friendly mechs button

this. weve been asking for this for 3 years. to be able to see friendly mech loadouts.

although rather than having to target individual friendly mechs, there should just be a team status screen overlay that you can toggle on/off that shows all 12 mechs on your team, their damage paper dolls, and their loadouts.

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#27 Ryoken


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:52 AM

A "charge-and-release" working principle on jump jets. So mechs can actually lift again, but it takes a lot more skill to use them properly. Like in the longer you hold your jump jet key down the more of thrust will be released when you stop pushing that key. Maybe there can be a HUD-indicator displaying an arrow of the trajectory path.

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#28 The Great Unwashed


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:55 AM

Faction, unit, pilot decals, all customizable, several locations on the mech (legs, torso, wherever. Each location should allow a unique decal).

#29 GentlemanBryan


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:56 AM

(1) Module inventory list and location (2) Monitors in the Mech's cockpit to display valuable information - player should be able to chose what is displayed - for example rear view display (3) Mech's should be able to lay mines - weapon choice

#30 East Indy


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:07 AM

Easy stuff:

• Remove target triangles from friendly base turrets
• Toggle for removing titles from display
• Better data hierarchy for target info (percent largest, player handle smallest)
• Randomize 3-4 additional sound effects for 'Mech destruction ("bzzt!" is getting old)

Medium-term projects:

• Examine how pilot skill compounding lowers TTK, maybe find grinding alternatives
• ECM masks only mounting unit; blocks data & increases enemy target time for friendlies
• 100+ heat damages entire structure gradually, e.g. ((1% * (heat - 100)) per 1 sec.)
• Flamer damages structure thru armor, e.g. 0.5% per 1 sec. per weapon, max 3% per 1 sec. (no crits)

#31 Spleenslitta


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:07 AM

Light/ Medium/ Heavy mech rescaling.
I got 1910 hits when i searched for Mech Scaling here on the forums so that proves it's popularity aplenty in my opinion.

Adder and Kit Fox looks like medium mechs when they are put alongside Firestarter/ Spider.
When the Raven lies on it's back it's nose is taller than the Spider standing normaly.

Centurion is almost the same size as the Awesome. Trebuchet is said to be the tallest medium. List goes on and on.
Catapult is wider than the Stalker. Same height. Almost as long nose. Same leg thickness. It looks like they weigh the same.

Here is just a taste of what's out there.
Hitbox And Size Crippled Mechs. Vote To Change Them.

MWO: Forums - Mech Scaling And Unique Weapon Geometry - Poll

MWO: Forums - My Experience With Mech Scaling
MWO: Forums - A Small Analysis Of Current Mech Scale
MWO: Forums - Will Mech Scaling Every Be Fixed?

I know you wanted us to make new threads, but threads about mech scaling has been around since 2012 and new ones are being made every month.

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#32 Redinator


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:08 AM

Custom HUD Color would be soooooo great! :rolleyes:

#33 SerEdvard


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:19 AM


Search and destroy, VIP escort, breakout, convoy assault, king of the hill(s), 4v4 recon, etc

Anything where the game mode objectives are more important than the kills, especially for PUG/solo queue.

Also, game modes with asymmetric objectives (team A has a different win condition than team B), and there is an auto rematch where the team's swap sides and play again a la Left 4 Dead.

#34 The Great Unwashed


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:34 AM

Machinegun hardpoints; add more of these suckers while avoiding large ballistics on some mechs.

#35 MadLibrarian


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:58 AM

Updating the statistics pages for readability and functionality.

#36 Jman5


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 09:57 AM

My ideas are small quality of life improvements that probably wont get very many likes. However, I think they are important if you want to improve your community's enjoyment of the game.

1. Text mute command for players being jerks in chat. ex: "/squelch Jman5" would make it so I can't see any more chat messages from user: Jman5.

2. Allow players to filter out up to 2 maps in the solo queue. There are 15 maps, this will not have a huge impact on search times or match times. Particularly since you allow game mode filters which have a much greater impact on matchmaker. Just expand it to maps, but keep it at 2 so players could filter out conquest maps, or they could filter out Terra Therma.

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#37 TheLouie


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 09:58 AM

I know it doesn't matter to the bigger groups. But for the PUG life, lance channel voip would help alot. It's poor edicate to be verbose with the whole team, but lance's that aren't on TS somewhere have little coordination. Plus it would let the patient amongst us work more with new players.

Maybe look at reworking flamers?

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#38 Myfriendscallmecoach


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 10:05 AM

- Boosting jump jets to be more viable on heavier mechs.
- Addition of different missions in CW to give variety. Includes smaller than 12v12 game play.
- proper re-scaling of mechs to correct dimensions.
- Proper logistics added to CW
- Mech skill tree complete overhaul to further flesh out mech roles.
- Larger maps, much larger.
- AI/ Tutorial for new players.
- Cone of fire/ fixed convergence.
- Toggle chain fire for weapon groups.
- Command wheel/ flower.

#39 MrKvola


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 10:20 AM

Timestamps in chat windows (at least the Unit one - no idea how messages are old if you come out of i.e. a CW match, matters sometimes).

Invite requests sent to the leader of a group (can be restricted to Unit).

Revert the 'mech select screen back or rework it to perform a similar function as previously. The current one sucks hard.

Possibility of Voice activated VoIP. More convenient than push-to-talk.

Module locator or inventory search. Same for cockpit items.

Ability to save loadouts. If not all components are available - list them, count the total price and allow to choose between not equip and buy+equip.

Ability to save dropdecks. At least one per CW map (preferably not limited). Ability to create/edit/delete said drop decks outside of queue/planet screen - create a screen for that.

Unit decals.

Unit resources and planets. Some kind of global economy. Reason to tag them planets, hold on to them and profit from them.

Black market/market - would possibly address multiple requests, i.e. what if I want to buy just a blank chassis.

#40 AbsUserName


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 10:26 AM


You've ridden elevators, right? You can FEEL when someone else gets too near of your personal bubble, isn't it?

Mechs should have bubbles too. Not only because they are multi story, multi ton walking machines, but because when another mech enters the bubble, the cockpit flashes a nastily big COLLISION IMMINENT in red, all-caps letters.

And this would go a long way in improving many aspects of the game: terrain collision, glancing hits, narrow corridors, blocking someones retreat into cover, etc.

And last but not least, is one step toward MELEE! Once an enemy is within the mech bubble, just press SHIFT (or ctrl, tab, etc) and enter MELEE MODE, where attacking will result in physical attacks. Exactly how this is done is left for the designers and programmers, could be a each-aim-is-one-attack, could be a press-once-and-computer-makes-flurry-of-blows, future will tell.

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