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Why Do The Forums Log You Off Every Day?

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Posted 12 January 2018 - 10:26 AM

Just lost another several-paragraph post because of the forced 24-hour logout timer. Why is this still an issue? Here are SIXTEEN threads people have created about this problem. It's a problem. It needs fixed.

1. https://mwomercs.com...ow-what-i-love/
2. https://mwomercs.com...and-lost-posts/
3. https://mwomercs.com...-hours-of-work/
4. https://mwomercs.com...-re-logging-in/
5. https://mwomercs.com...of-the-website/
6. https://mwomercs.com...-out-in-forums/
7. https://mwomercs.com...ums-auto-login/
8. https://mwomercs.com...session-logout/
9. https://mwomercs.com...-off-every-day/
10. https://mwomercs.com...m-logout-issue/
11. https://mwomercs.com...um-auto-logout/
12. https://mwomercs.com...22-auto-logout/
13. http://mwomercs.com/...kie-expiration/
14. http://mwomercs.com/...ll-not-working/
15. https://mwomercs.com...ying-logged-in/
16. https://mwomercs.com...o-logouteleven/

The token should refresh every time you visit a page. Because here's what happens: you come home get settled log into the forums at the same time every day. If you're late, you come back after 24-hour expiry timer and have to log in. That's fine. But if you come back early, maybe only 23-hours since you last logged in, then you're on the forums for one hour and suddenly you're logged out mid-post. WTF. Why did the timer not reset because I was actively navigating the forums? This is very dumb. I don't know any other sites that do this.

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